Providing Creative UX Design solutions for Web Design, Mobile Apps, Web Apps, 3D, Video, Print, eLearning, eMail & Multimedia.

Keri-Lynn Is:

A versatile, accomplished user experience director and generalist with eighteen plus years of experience in information architecture, interaction design, visual design, animation, illustration, people and product management.

Keri-Lynn HAS:

Broad skill-sets and extensive leadership experience with the unique ability to take a project from high-level product mapping, to wirefames, to Photoshop mockups.

Keri-Lynn Enjoys:

Inspired thinking, asking smarter questions, pushes for innovative design solutions and believes in the power of creativity. Design is a creative solution.

Describing KERI-LYNN

A pragmatic, ux-minded Creative UX Director, Design Director and Lead Senior Designer focused on creating immersive, memorable experiences for world-class brands across desktop, mobile and tablet.

KERI-LYNN Mitoff: Director of Design, Creative UX Director, Senior User Experience Designer, Senior Usability Specialist, Senior Information Architect, Senior Interaction Designer, Senior Instructional Designer, Senior eLearning Specialist, Senior Interactive Designer.


FEATURED Mobile Application (App)


I designed and created this application, app with iOS7 in mind. I also decided to embrace the "FLAT" design experience while integrating the popular BLUR style background with transparencies. I wanted to create a clean, minimalistic experience with great UI in mind for the user. The use of simplistic icons and easy navigaton makes this application, app visually appealing.

I will always enjoy a well-design skeuomorphic interface, application or app but with all of the advances in CSS, I wanted to fully create for the "FLAT" style that is so popular.

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Keri-Lynn Responsive Design

My most recent project is Logic Computers. I created an all new identity, logo, business card and animated responsive web site. Several aspects of the web site animate and move when you view or mouse-over the content. I really enjoyed creating an all new updated identity and web presence for Logic Computers. I had first worked on Logic Computers web site in 2005. The new look is clean, modern and elegant.

Areas of Expertise: Design, Production, User Experience, Product Specifications, Information Architecture, Wireframing, User Interface Design, Usability/UX Testing, Responsive Web Design, Prototyping, Designing for mobile devices, Flash Design & Development.